Switch CTP Plates to lower Costs

The offset printing industry is more competitive than ever.

Trade tariffs, plant consolidations, easy access to global markets and the continued migration of content from print to digital devices are just a few of the challenges facing printers today. In this tough environment, finding a performance edge and lowering costs is vitally important.

CTP plate costs add up.

There is often a lot of savings potential in switching from one type of CtP plate to a lower cost or higher performance option. There is also quite a bit to consider when selecting the right plate for your production needs. You may need to invest in new equipment and train staff. If you plan on using your existing equipment, plate profiles need to be programmed into the CtP System and calibrations need to be performed.

We’re here to help.

As a third party service company, we offer affordable, no-contract media change options. Our experienced team can offer consultation and help you switch to the plate that works best for you. We can calibrate your system to any compatible Process-Free, Chemistry-Free or UV-Ink plate on the market. We also offer plate options from our global network of distributors. Contact us for more information about changing to the CtP plate of your choice with minimum downtime.