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CtP Remote Support

Schedule an appointment with our Service Team

Contact us by phone at +1-773-545-7700, by email or by filling out our contact form to set an appointment for a remote diagnostic session.

Reach a technician by phone

Once an appointment is made, our team will contact you by phone before the remote support session.

Download TeamViewer

Our technicians will then ask you to download TeamViewer by clicking the button on this page.

Provide our Technicians with your ID and Password

Run TeamViewer. A pop-up will appear with a unique ID and password.

Begin Remote Diagnostic Session

Your session will begin once our technicians have made a successful connection to your computer.


Our team can help troubleshoot any issues you're experiencing with your platesetter from our offices. We offer flat-rate remote diagnostic support for CtP equipment and workflow software. We can help identify ctp error codes and offer solutions to return your equipment to optimal performance.


The link above downloads Team Viewer host software onto your computer. We will need the ID number that appears when you open the application.  There is also a password that only applies for the next session or until the program is closed.

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