CtP Service Contracts


Fast, 1 hour response time

Replacements for all defective parts (including laser head)

On-site Labor included

Travel time included

Maintenance supplies included

2 annual Preventive Maintenance visits included

Remote diagnostics & system health check included

Flexible, 24-hour support available

Easy quarterly payment schedule


For over 30 years, our mission has been to provide our customers with the best available solutions to keep offset printers in production. 

Our engineers offer affordable, hassle-free support options for CtP equipment worldwide. We offer many service contract programs that are designed to keep your equipment running at its highest possible efficiency and reduce the risk of failure. Our maintenance coverage includes parts, labor and travel time. Customers under our service contract are treated with utmost priority when calling for service and have access to our scheduled preventive maintenance service twice a year.

A Viprofix service contract will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are protected against any unexpected production problems. We have lab facilities to repair Kodak and Creo Thermal Laser Heads. We also have a vast inventory of spare parts for all CtP equipment we service including PCB Boards, Clamps, and Laser diodes.
We remain committed to providing superior service at very competitive price levels. Our service contract pricing normally reflects a 50% or greater discount compared to OEM rates.
Contact us today for more information and ask about a Service Contract program that is best for you. Our Team will ensure your company can maintain or exceed the current productivity of your Equipment.

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