Calibrate your machine to switch to another CtP plate

CtP Plates

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Contact us and let us know what equipment you have, your current plate type and what plate you want to use.

Machine Check-up

Our technicians will then assess the condition of your CtP equipment to make sure everything is working properly.

Media Change

We then calibrate your machine to the new plate type and add a profile for them to your machine.


Finally, we test a series of plates to make sure everything is working properly.


There is a lot of savings potential in switching from one type of CtP plate to a lower cost option. Plate profiles need to be programmed into the CtP System and calibrations need to be performed in order to successfully change from one plate to another.  As a third party service company, we offer affordable, no-contract media change options. Our experienced team can help you switch CtP plates at a highly competitive, flat rate. Contact us for more information about changing to the CtP plate of your choice with minimum downtime.

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