Prevent down-time with regular CtP maintenance


CtP systems need to be serviced every six months to maintain proper operation. Regular preventative maintenance (PM) is essential to avoid machine failure and stay in production.

Failure to regularly clean, oil and change filters on your CtP can allow dirt and debris to reach the laser element. This can cause the machine to malfunction or even burn out the laser head of a machine. Is it time to service your CtP equipment? Take advantage of our 25% discount for first-time customers on our PM service and keep your equipment running trouble-free. Read more “Prevent down-time with regular CtP maintenance”

Why you should upgrade from CtF to a Pre-Owned CtP System


Having an in-house CtP platesetter is increasingly necessary to stay competitive as an offset printer.

Computer-to-Plate is a fully mature, mainstream technology. It’s stable, more efficient and offers a higher quality output than film-based plate production. Your competition has already lowered their costs, streamlined their production and shortened the time it takes to deliver a completed job by investing in CtP equipment. Increasingly, going direct-to-plate with an in-house system will be a requirement to stay competitive as an offset printer.

Over the past two decades, the majority of offset printers have successfully and profitably transitioned to computer-to-plate. During that time, customers have come to expect faster delivery and a higher quality product. The printing industry has seen more full-color orders, shorter print runs, and jobs submitted in native digital formats. With the exception of a few specialty cases, the arguments for moving from CtF to CtP are highly compelling. Overall, there is very little reason not to adopt this cost saving technology. Read more “Why you should upgrade from CtF to a Pre-Owned CtP System”

Alternatives for Film-Based Imagesetters

ctf imagesetters

Film-based imagesetters are largely a thing of the past for the majority of printers. However, film remains the best and sometimes the only prepress option for a handful of specialty applications. Screen printing and some large format work are such jobs.

One of the problems film users are faced with has been that imagesetters and film processors have been hard to replace. Pre-Owned machines are now all quite old and not likely to be reliable with spares difficult or impossible to get. Quality service can also be difficult to find.

Imagesetting film is becoming increasingly harder to source. Most major manufacturers have left, or are leaving the market. Fuji has recently announced that they will no longer be manufacturing film as of November 2016. Read more “Alternatives for Film-Based Imagesetters”

We have a new website

new website

Viprofix Prepress Solutions is always looking new ways to offer a better experience for our customers.

The new website features enhanced prepress equipment listings for New and Used Platesetters, and a new resource section that includes useful articles to help make an informed decision when buying or servicing your CtP equipment.

We still have all of the previous features that you have come to depend on, as well as a new mobile-friendly design that will help you find what you’re looking for much easier while on-the go.