Switch CTP Plates to lower Costs

The offset printing industry is more competitive than ever.

Trade tariffs, plant consolidations, easy access to global markets and the continued migration of content from print to digital devices are just a few of the challenges facing printers today. In this tough environment, finding a performance edge and lowering costs is vitally important.

CTP plate costs add up.

There is often a lot of savings potential in switching from one type of CtP plate to a lower cost or higher performance option. There is also quite a bit to consider when selecting the right plate for your production needs. You may need to invest in new equipment and train staff. If you plan on using your existing equipment, plate profiles need to be programmed into the CtP System and calibrations need to be performed.

We’re here to help.

As a third party service company, we offer affordable, no-contract media change options. Our experienced team can offer consultation and help you switch to the plate that works best for you. We can calibrate your system to any compatible Process-Free, Chemistry-Free or UV-Ink plate on the market. We also offer plate options from our global network of distributors. Contact us for more information about changing to the CtP plate of your choice with minimum downtime.

Very Large Format or VLF CTP Technology


For many years now, Computer-to-Plate or CTP Platesetters have been revolutionizing the printing industry.
As computers have evolved, computer to plate technology has allowed for the much more efficient production of enormous quantities of items like books, newspapers, magazines, printed materials and packaging. Digital CTP imaging incorporates innovative technologies that help ensure consistently high quality, even when printing large volumes. The process is less labor-intensive than traditional plate making methods and plates are less costly to produce. As the CTP systems have developed, VLF CTP systems have come to a point where they can offer the widest range of digital plate making format options. Read more “Very Large Format or VLF CTP Technology”

We Carry Rare & Hard to Find Prepress Parts

There are certain printing operations where the best tool for the job is an older or so-called obsolete system. There are still many printers around the world running film-based CTF systems such as an Agfa Avantra, Accuset or Selectset, a Heidelberg Herkules or Signasetter, Scitex Dolev or Screen Katana. There are still more printers using older CTP equipment such as a Creo Lotem or Heidelberg Prosetter. As these systems get older, it's becoming more and more difficult to source reliable parts and experienced technicians.

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Presstek Freedom Pro Plates Discontinued

Presstek Freedom Pro Plates Discontinued

Presstek has recently announced the discontinuation of it’s Freedom Plate line of CTP plates for its Vector imaging devices. As of now, there are no current plate options for this equipment on the market. This means that Presstek Vector users will need to transition to an alternative CTP system.

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Upgrade your SCSI-based CTP Systems with Xitron

Xitron SCSI


Xitron’s development of the USB-SCSI interface grants new life to thousands of expensive computer-to-plate devices being rendered obsolete because of outdated and unsupported technology. These devices image printing plates for the offset printing industry. They receive imaging data through Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) cards, which are no longer being manufactured or supported.

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Differences Between CTP Laser Technologies

CtP Lasers

Platemaking technology has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. As the prepress segment of the printing industry has matured, so too have the technologies used to image plates. Thermal, Violet and to a lesser extent, UV lasers are currently the dominant technologies in plate imaging. Thermal platesetters are the most popular option among printers. While that is true, all three technologies have pros and cons that should be considered before deciding on a plate imaging system.

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What to consider when buying used CtP

Used CtP Equipment

Previously owned computer to plate equipment is a great option for many offset printers looking to save money on equipment costs. Used CtP is significantly less than a new CtP system while providing nearly the same level of functionality. Second-hand systems are usually between 30 to 70 percent less expensive than new devices. However, there are several factors printers should consider when buying a used computer to plate equipment.

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CTP Service Contracts just got less expensive

Service Credit

Many offset printers go without a service contract for their CtP system. This is usually because they are concerned about paying for service that they don’t use.

Service contracts can lower CtP downtime. A contract offers faster support and better access to parts. But is it really worth it? We believe that our customers should get what they pay for, so we’ve developed a new kind of CtP service contract. Our new service contract options give you credit for unused service. Read more “CTP Service Contracts just got less expensive”