123ctp - A New & Affordable 3-in-1 Plate Imaging System

123ctp is a versatile new system for imaging both conventional UV CtP plates and CtF film. 123ctp also offers full-color proofing, all at a lower price than a stand-alone CtP system. New 123ctp systems are delivered fully calibrated to your specifications and ready to output plates immediately after unpacking. You don’t need to have years of experience in prepress and printing. The 123ctp system can be as simple to use as a desktop printer while offering advanced tools and features usually reserved for more expensive equipment.

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123ctp can image:

   Metal UV PS Plates
   Processles Dry Plates
   Polyester Plates
   CtF Film
   Adhesive Films
   Backlite Foils
   Various Papers & More


The supplied kit contains all the necessary components to begin production. All you have to do is unpack the system, connect three modules of the machine and plug in a power supply to the central system. Pre-configured components will connect and you can start working right away. The computer server comes with a dedicated RIP and a tutorial showing how to image the first plate. A box of plates in your selected format, and samples of processless film and photographic paper are also included.

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Metal & Polyester CtP Plates

Processless CtF Film

Color Proofing