Kodak to discontinue service on MPE CtP equipment


Kodak has announced that they will discontinue service on all MPE CtP equipment as of December of 2016. This affects all printers using an older Trendsetter, Magus or Lotem platesetter that uses a SCSI interface. Service will also be dropped for SCSI based versions of Prinergy, EVO, and Connect software and hardware. If you are currently receiving technical support from Kodak, it may be time to make a decision. Our company will continue to offer parts, technical service, service contracts and upgrade options for all models of Creo or Kodak CtP. We also offer trade-in options toward newer equipment.

We support all Models of Kodak or Creo CtP equipment.

Our team can help keep your existing equipment in operation. We have a complete, regularly updated inventory of parts for MPE machines. Our engineers have years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining Kodak equipment. We offer highly competitive pricing that is just as reliable and typically less expensive than Kodak service. You can count on us for continued support of your equipment despite it being labeled end-of-life by the manufacturer. Click here to learn more about our service contract options.

What you need to know:

There are currently three types of I/O interfaces used in existing Kodak platesetters.

The earliest models of equipment were manufactured by Creo or Heidelberg before the company was purchased by Kodak in 2005. These are the MPE machines that are approaching end-of-life status. These platesetters continue to output high-quality plates but use a legacy SCSI connection.

MPE was later updated to the MCE interface found in newer generations. These models use an FSCSI (fast SCSI) connection. These machines are still being supported by Kodak for the time being. Our company offers competitive support for these and all other models. The latest generation equipment uses a GMCE interface. The difference is that these models connect via ethernet.

Contact us if you are currently receiving support from Kodak and your equipment is at risk. Our team can help you make a more informed decision about your current support options.