Frequently asked questions

Our standard warranty covers the full cost of repair or replacement for parts during the first 6 months after installation or customs clearance at the destination port. Viprofix also provides free remote technical support online or via telephone during that term. If a part is found to be faulty during the warranty period, we will replace or repair that part at no additional cost to the buyer, except for shipping/customs clearance charges. In many cases, the bad part has to be shipped to Viprofix for an exchange.
It usually takes 5 to 15 business days to recondition a system, depending on the complexity of your order and the current schedule of our Service Department. Our experienced engineers will do their best to assure every piece of equipment will be working perfectly for a long time so is can continue to be a great asset to your company.
Viprofix provides both regular (standard), low-chemistry and chemistry-free CTP plates, as well as imagesetting films. We are distributors of Konita, Xingraphics and DOT Works products. Our company carries consumables for all major brands of thermal plates for Agfa (Galileo, Xcalibur), Creo/Kodak (Trendsetter, Lotem and Magnus), SCREEN/Fuji (PlateRite) and Heidelberg (Topsetter). We also carry films and film chemicals for both HeNe and RLD type of imagesetters. Plates are sold in quantities of about 30 plates per order. The minimum shipment of film is 5 rolls.
Yes, we supply replacement parts for all the equipment we offer for sale and even for some older CTP and CTF models. If you cannot find a part you need on our parts list, simply contact us and we will see if we have it.
Some parts are sold on an exchange basis which means that we want you to send us your bad part. This is a standard request of all manufacturers of prepress equipment. This policy allows us to offer the lowest prices on replacement parts.
Please pack your laser head very carefully to assure safety during transport. We recommend packing it in a wooden crate or carton, at least 30″ x 30″ x 30″ filled with high-density foam [click to see video]. Crates can be made available to our customers at a discounted price. If you are an international customer, please fill out a certificate of origin before sending your laser. This will speed up the clearance process with US customs. If you have any doubts about how to fill it out, we are available to help. Click here to see a video on how to properly pack your laser head for shipping