Kodak Flexcel NX Mid

Flexcel NX Mid

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Year: 2011
Make: Kodak
Type: Flexo
Imaging: Thermal laser
Speed: 102.25 sq. ft./ hour, 8.2”/ minute - 9.5 m²/hour, 20.3 mm per minute
Resolution: 2,400 dpi / 450 lpi
Media size: 8.5 x 11.8” to 45 x 33”- 215 x 300 mm to 1,143 x 838 mm
Loading: manual
RIP: Prinergy Powerpack Workflow
Accessories: Flexcel NX Laminator

Digital flexographic media

Letterpress plates

 Ablative processless film

Flexcel NX Laminator included

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