Thermal CtP Plates

Viprofix is committed to providing affordable, high-quality printing plates for commercial printers of all sizes. We've partnered with a network of providers to offer cost-effective eco-friendly plates. Our team is available and ready to support your plate-making operation when you need it.

ECOO-G DOP PLATE: The ECOO-G Plus thermal plate is a new environmentally friendly processless printing plate. ECOO-G plates can be run
directly on a press after CTP exposing with no need for chemical processing.

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IBF ECOPLATE-T: This is a thermal negative HYBRID plate. It doesn't require processing by developers and provides a faster and easier conversion to new ecological plates. It can be processed by standard thermal equipment already in use by eliminating the developer and keeping the rinsing and gumming stages. It can also be taken straight to press where it will process just as well. The ECO-T is suitable for all types of commercial high-quality jobs up to 100.000 impressions.

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Million SR CtP Plate

The IBF MILLION SR is a chemically resistant heavy duty positive working thermal plate capable of run length of 500.000 impressions without baking. Ideal for commercial, promotional and editorial applications.

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