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We have the parts you need to repair your Screen CTP equipment. Click on any of the tabs below to browse through our parts list. Contact us for prices or if you can't find the part that you need. Our experienced sales team is ready to help.

 Part Description  Part No.
Punch S100013329V03
32ch Data Cable Assembly U1254027-00
Tail Clamps (set of 3) S100096323V02
Head CPU Board U1154008-00
Head Driver U 1154009
Head Mother Board U1150042-03
LD Short Connector Jig 86401386-00
LD Block Exchanging Jig U1154037-00
PIO-PTR4 U1254019-03
CON-PTR4 PCB U1254020-00
Punch S70585537-12
Punch S70585538-12
RB-31 Board (32 diodes) S100049647V03
RCP2-PTR4 PCB U1254023-00
CON-PTR4 PCB U1254020-10
Weight Unit H U1250024-01
Weight Unit A U1250025-01
Laser Diode U1150073-10
Sensor Assy U1254006-00
Cable Assy 151339
Clamp Support Rubber 100023256V00
Hydraulic Gas Piston 100015016V00
Door Switch Assembly 100216570V00
PTR-8000 Laser driver board U1154008-00
Laser head driver CPU board U1154009-00
Roller 100013494V01
Calibration Sensor U1150075-01
Laser Diode Exchange Jig Assembly
Path Change Drive Motor 100016330V00
PCB S100102983 V01
CON-86 PCB 100016123V00
64 LD DRV Board S100006569V00
Small Vertically Mounted Filter 100253742V00
Small Horizontally Mounted Filter 100046946V00
Larger Filter (in black canister similar to a car air filter) 70584840-00
User Manual 100267992V01
RH512_DRV PCB S100033161V04
RH512_CPU2 PCB S100032236V05
PIF PCI Express w. Cable SPR-810-660
PIF PCI-X 3.3Volt FPIF w. cable (for old PC) SPR-810-650
Tail Clamps (set of 4) S100096323V01
PTR News 2000S+ Laser Diode 100005671V00
Fiber Sensor 151204
Fiber Sensor Lens 151329
Sensor Assembly S100086737V00
Laser Diode 500mW Fiber 100016405V02
Head CPU3 100031063V00
Head Driver 2 100009847V01
ROLLED THREAD GY1004DS-HANR-0474*0426-C  70584805
CON-86 PCB P100024501V00
FES3 Board 100018282V00
PIO-86 Board 100016147V02
Laser Power Supply 5V 100023568V00
Grooving Plate 70516249-02
LD Board S100092797VOO
Vacuum Sensor Cable Assy U115411-00
Hook shaft  100036418V00
Tail Clamps - set of 4 ​S100096323V02
LRB32E board
Tail edge springs (for clamps) S100050325V04
Lead edge clamp 
Laser Diode
 Part Description  Part No.
ACON-PTRU Board S100035473V01
GZ512_CPU2E Board S100064027V20
Tail Clamps S100068437V01
Stepping Motor Driver 100038490V01

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