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 Part Description  Part No.
Power Distribution Board 10-4112H-G
Clamp N 74-3021A-A
Clamp S 74-3020A-A
Carriage Motor M2 10-0751A
Carriage Motor Drive 10-1418A-B
Carriage Motor Power Supply PS3 10-3590B
DC Power Input Supply 10-3909A
Auto Loader Controller Board 17-1311B-A
Carriage Driver Board 17-1312C-A
Fast DMP Board
Filter Element 0.01 Micron (black with foam) 55-0759
Filter Element 5 Micron (white w/ hole) 55-0760
MPE Board 17-07338-A
Gas Spring Rod 55-0564
Spectrum Laser Head 32-4206A
40W 830nm Laser Head Repair 32-4141A
Plate Rubber Roller
Power Supply PS4 for Carriage Motor Drive 10-3910B-A
Reflection Feeding Sensor 36-3141
Brisque SCSI Board -MPE
Servo Driver (Console Drum Motor) 15-3330A
MCE Type EH Control Cable 10-5086A
Unload Table Up/Down 50-1493
TEC Home Cylinder 50-1651A
Power 2 Distribution Board
SERVOAMP, BLDC, MTR, 10AMP MAX, ACE1200 601-00032C
Intake Air Filter 12x24x2in. 55-0918
Drum Drive Amplifier 15-3330
Laser Encoder 32-4047C
Tach Encoder 5000 line 32-4083A
TEE Board 10-3627C Rev.A1
Laser Power Supply PS5 (48V) 13-4832
Blower 2kW
Air Filter Entrance 55-0700
Air Supply Filter Kit 332-00003
Drum Motor 500-02982A
Picker Cup 55-0706
Connector SP55-0743
Picker Cups Exit Table 55-0541
3mm Connector SP55-0744
Hose SP56-3281
MCE Board 510P1P974A
Fast DTE
Carriage Motor M2 11-0815A
Carriage Motor Drive 10-1418A
Carriage Motor Power Supply PS3 10-3590B
TMCE Board
TEC Sensor Lock 10-4982A
Sensor Clamp Detect Away Inner 36-3210
Micro Coax Cable for Laser Head 40W 20ft 10-4968B-A
Carriage Amplifier (Driver) 503C01525B
Drum Amplifier 13-3592B-A
Power Supply 1 (PS2/PS4) 13-3599
Delicate Media Upgrade Kit 518-00987A
Reed Switch Sensor 15-3063
Reed Switch Actuator Magnet 59-3141
Sensor 57-8893A
Reed Switch Assembly 10-5065A-A
Optical Encoder Board (old type) 10-3667C-A
Intake Air Filter 12x24x1in. 55-0914
Stepper Motor PH 2610-E 2.9
MPE board
Power Distribution Board  10-4112 J-K
VLF PS1 power supply, P/N 13-3599 13-3599
stepper motor  for the unload table 512-00256A
DHU kit 50-2388A-B
FAST DPE board 10-3762A-A
Drum amplifier board
GMCE board 503-08443F
Encoder assy 507-00165A
Encoder Assembly (Digital) 507-00165A
M1 Drum Motor
 Part Description  Part No.
Light Detector Assy 507-00144-A
Laser Driver Board 503-00010-C
Local 3 Box Assembly 506D2D462
Smart Edge Detection Board Assy 503-00097A
Vacuum Pump Assy 50Hz 510P1N009
TH 2 laser head
Paper Arm Spring (set of 4) 280A4L952
Suction Cup, D=22 (set of 7) 342-00004
FH Oil Bracket (set of 2) 252-08459A
Local Controller Board 3 503C2L658S
Delicate Media Upgrade Kit 518-00987A 
Drum Driver 2 IMP Assy 514-00128B
Power Distribution Board 503-00334
Motor plate loading 220-01565A GP35
Drum Vaccuum Pump  SP514-00119A
Unload roller 298G9l801A
LDA laser head (48 diode, F-type) 514-00093A
 Part Description  Part No.
Power Distribution Board 503C2L688S
Drum Driver Board 503C2L599S
Drum Motor 510P1P302
Unloading Roller 298G9L802A
Unloading Tray Upper Roller 512-00202A
Vacuum Pump Assy 50Hz 510P1N009
Conv Cable 504L3182
Creo SW 50452D421
Cass SW 50451L721
Drum Driver 2 Board 503-00257C-A
DDB-1-N Board Assembly 503D2L695S
DSM 2 BOARD 503C2L484S
Elmo Box REPAIRED 510P51917A
Interlock Board 503C2L461
Local3 Box Assy v. BRD-L 506D2D462C
LDD2 (laser driver board) 503B2L560S
MCF Board Assy 503C2L166P-J
Motor T Step 510K1R845
Power Distribution Board 503C2L049R-A
Power Distribution Board 503C2L049Q-1
Distribution Box Assy 506E1L029
Punch II Box Assy 506d1L750
Single Interlock 2 ea 506A4L051
Thickness Plate ind 510P3R587
Diode 100-120mW 510P1R133A
Fly Off Detector 504S4L048A
Drum Power Driver 510P51917B
Local 3 Board Assembly
Resolution Motor Assy 509A1L878
Suction Cup
Valve V310 24VDC 4.5W D3336-13A
Vibration Switch Sensor 504S4L046
Lotem 800/800V 0.15mm Thin Plate Support 501R49468
DDB-1 N Board Assembly 503D2L695S
DDB-1 board 503D2L153S
Drum Driver Board 514-00128B 
Dual Loading Cassette 510R1P954A
GTO Kit 501R49164
Laser Diode 613A00021
Local Cont II 503C2L352S
Local 3 Box Assy 506D2D462
Optical Sensors (pair L&R)
Power Supply Lambda 5V 120A, EWS600P-5
Single Loading Cassette 510K1P952
TSP cable 504L1L670
Upper Roller Assembly 510P51271
Y Axis Motor 507D2D788
CPU Board for Windows 605B00280
Local 2 Board 506D1L736
Local Controller 3 Board 503C2L658S
MCU Control Board 503C1C048L
Paper Detector 503-00036A-F
Lotem 800 II CPU SBC_786_LCD_Board 503B1C150S
Paper Arm Spring (set of 4) 280A4L952
Suction Cup, D=22 (set of 7) 342-00004
FH Oil Bracket (set of 2) 252-08459A
Turbo MCE Board 503C01505A
MCF Board Assy 503C2L166P-J
TSP Board 510P1N220
Power Supply Lambda 5V 60A EWS300P -5
Power Supply Lambda 5V 60A EWS300P -12
Interlock 2 Board 503C2L971
Delicate Media Upgrade Kit 518-00987A
Local 3 Box
Strobe 7 Board
Stepper Motor 504S1L255
Cooling fan for laser
CPU Board SP514-00255A
Power Distribution Board 503C1C064L-A
​TEC 24 board  503C2L738S
Gripper set
Water pump assy 510P1P973A   
Water pump motor 514-00215A     
 Part Description  Part No.
1W laser diode 514-00106A
Laser diode 660mW  
Laser diode 1W  

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