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Heidelberg CtP Parts
We have the parts you need to repair your Heidelberg CTP equipment. Click on any of the tabs below to browse through our parts list. Contact us for prices or if you can't find the part that you need. Our experienced sales team is ready to help.

 Part Description  Part No.
Beam Scan Module 2400 dpi
Speedway IF Card 34030162
Compressor 5836468
Compressor Service Kit PR.000.0010
Compressor Prefilter -25 um PP.04772652
Compressor Microfilter -0.01 um PP.04772660
Power Supply 7831052
Speedway Adapter Cable PR5817293/01
Flat Module (P-Image Control) 7850922
LVDS Signal line cable 7820275
Bacher Punch PR5974356/03
PLB driver board PR5761298
Spindle PR.548.9563
Spinner Motor 750Hz PR.586.2590/03
Gripper Motor PR.140001/03
Opto Switch Door Sensor 5841135
Gripper Motor new style PR.583.6956/02
30mW laser  PR.599.8190/01
Spinner Motor 633Hz PR5862590
Spinner Motor 900Hz PR5706718
Pro 550-21 HPU PCB 10062095/ 26811
P-Image Control 007850922
Punch Driver Board 05761611
P3C2 Board 5738261
P-DSC Board 5738253
P-Mirror Board 5738237
MAIR PCB Board 5363403
Controller Board 5373638
P-LB Driver 5761298
Stepping Motor M1 Assembly 5386284
Optics Head 5826403
Filtering Mat PR.597.6391
Electromagnetic Valve PR.551.6668/01
Peltier Coupling PR.536.3462
New Combi Board PCI 2.3 Speedway SU45.007851082V
 Part Description  Part No.
Temp. Control Unit (chiller) 550.3000/05
Flat Module Backplane 00.779.098/01
Laser Module MV053311
GPIB 00.779.1351
laser for suprasetter A74 MV.056.173.
MACB 00.785.10.42/04
Flat Module L-DSC board 00.779.0879
Fiat module LVDS (GIPB) 00.785.1351/01 
LASER MV.055.476, 2540, 160MV SELECTIVE MV.055.476
LASER MV.055.477, 2540, 160MV NON SELECTIVE MV.055.477
 Part Description  Part No.
Topsetter 102 CPU board PP05697611
Vacuum Pump  06113672
Air Filter Element 05705142
Tail Clamp (set of 4) 06114911
Filter 400x280 05693586

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