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We have the parts you need to repair your Agfa CTP equipment. Click on any of the tabs below to browse through our parts list. Contact us for prices or if you can't find the part that you need. Our experienced sales team is ready to help.

 Part Description  Part No.
360 Beam Universal Imager AO 0038630873
Linear Encoder Sensor EC+0688970007
Plate Clip Driver Kit EC+0036630502
Universal Imager AO 0039610673
Magnetic Plate Gripper EC+C125230002
Lead Edge Clamp Kit EC+0039820501
SDX PCB CG+0033750501  
Rotary Servo PCB CG+0033760501
Apis to LVDS PCB CG+0035570501 
 Part Description  Part No.
24V Power Supply DN+100023567V00
32 Channel Data Cable DN+100098852V00
5V Power Supply DN+100023568V00
Calibration Sensor DN+U1150075-01
CON-PTR4 Board DN+U1254020-00
Cooling Unit DN+151199-01
Display Panel DN+S100093560V00
Head CPU Board (32CH) DN+U1154008-00
Head Driver Board DN+U1154009-00
Head DRV2 Board DN+100009846V00
Head Motherboard (16CH) DN+100031061V01
Head Motherboard (32CH) DN+S100050867V02
LTB16 Board DN+S100035013V02
M55 DC Motor with Gear Head DN+U1254012-00
PIO-PTR4 Board DN+U1254019-03
RB31 Board DN+U1154007-01
RCP2-PTR4 Board DN+U1254023-00
 AC Servo Motor, 750W DN+100100583V00
Air Filter Kit  DN+70584840-00
 Balancer Drive Unit (A) DN+U1254057-02
 Blower Control Cable DN+100085816V02
 Blower Inverter DN+100100496V00
 Blower Motor DN+100085823V06
 Laser Diode, 1W Can DN+U1150073-10
 Vacuum Pump Unit 8005 DN+S100095963V01

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