Very Large Format or VLF CTP Technology


For many years now, Computer-to-Plate or CTP Platesetters have been revolutionizing the printing industry.
As computers have evolved, computer to plate technology has allowed for the much more efficient production of enormous quantities of items like books, newspapers, magazines, printed materials and packaging. Digital CTP imaging incorporates innovative technologies that help ensure consistently high quality, even when printing large volumes. The process is less labor-intensive than traditional plate making methods and plates are less costly to produce. As the CTP systems have developed, VLF CTP systems have come to a point where they can offer the widest range of digital plate making format options.

Direct to press and Large Format plotters have developed along with CTP technology and matured as equipment categories. Direct digital printing now makes low-volume and high-quality printing more affordable since it doesn’t use plates These systems instead use advanced inkjet or laser jet technologies. However, these technologies, like offset printing have their limitations. Offset technology is still the most cost-effective method when printing in large quantities and the quality of offset can be arguably better. As printing operations are consolidating and many areas of the offset printing industry are declining, wide format or VLF printing seems to continue to grow at a steady pace.

What exactly is Very Large Format or VLF CTP?

VLF printing has become increasingly popular in the commercial printing market. With offset presses on the market capable of handling plates larger than 72 inches wide, printing companies need a reliable platesetter to supply these large-format machines. VLF CTP systems offer the flexibility to output 4-up, 8-up, and up to 16-page plates. VLF CTPs are perfect for imaging not only large-format plates but also pairs of smaller plates. Depending upon the configuration you choose, VLF CTP systems can image two plates together on the drum consecutively or simultaneously. The most productive platesetters in its class can produce plates for materials as diverse as black-and-white books and multicolor packaging.

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