Common Risks to Avoid with Trendsetter CtP Systems

Every second of CtP downtime will cost your business money. If you are currently running a Kodak, Creo, or Heidelberg Trendsetter system, your equipment may be susceptible to a few risks that are easily avoidable.

Over the years, our field engineers have found that some of the older Trendsetter CtP models lack a cooling system for the carriage motor unit. This problem has been recognized by the manufacturer and a cooling kit upgrade has been recommended for all end-users. Failure to install this necessary upgrade will leave these systems prone to overheating and can cause serious failure. As the carriage motor overheats, it can shut down the entire laser head, rendering the Trendsetter inoperable. We recommend that anyone currently running an older Trendsetter contact our service department immediately and ask for free assistance determining if you need a cooling system installed. This relatively inexpensive upgrade may save you from serious production issues and thousands of dollars in downtime and repair costs in the future.
Older Trendsetters are have also exhibited SRAM chip data loss. The operating parameters of these Trendsetter CtP models are kept on a static SRAM chip that is powered by an internal battery. Over time, this battery will run out of power. When that happens, the SRAM chip loses stored information and can prevent your CtP from starting up and producing plates. Troublingly, your Trendsetter may not send any error message or warning prior to shutting down. Once this happens the parameters of the CtP are lost making it extremely difficult and costly to repair the system.

To remedy this potential failure, the parameters of your Trendsetter CtP need to be backed-up and the power source needs to be replaced. This service is actually quite complex and has to be performed by a trained CtP engineer. We recommend that you contact our service department for free assistance determining if your Trendsetter is at risk and to learn how to avoid major production issues. We offer an affordable solution that will help you avoid that risk and ensure plate production during the time of service.

As always, proper maintenance, addressing known issues and regular PM service will help continue to keep your CtP plate production interruption-free.